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Welcome to The Cast Iron Lady, where we recommend and sell cookware and recipe books for Aga cooker

We have long years of experience cooking on Agas and hope you will agree that we offer a range of cookware that, whilst not huge or in any way comprehensive, we feel really helps you to get the best from cooking on your Aga.

We sell cookware that we personally use for cooking on the Aga and other cookers and we specialise in cookware that is long-lasting, guaranteed by the manufacturers, useful and above all, practical: this is a range of cookware for relaxed cooks.

  • The Cast Iron Lady's pans and casseroles are heavy-duty non-stick and have flat lids for stacking in the ovens.
  • The Cast Iron Lady's timers are simple to programme and hang around your neck so that you don’t have to be stuck in the kitchen whilst dinner is in the oven.
  • The Cast Iron Lady's tea towels are 100% linen, designed to last for years, becoming more absorbent and soft each time they are washed.
  • The Cast Iron Lady's oven gloves have extra-large hand-pockets, allowing you to grab hot pans and dishes safely.
  • The Cast Iron Lady's handle covers mean you never need to scald your palm on a hot pan handle as it comes out of the Aga oven ever again!
  • Sarah Whitaker’s recipe books are full of tips and Aga techniques for relaxed cooking.

We sell direct to the public, so our prices are competitive and our shipping charges realistic.

We also have a small collection of hand-knitted cashmere mix woolly hot water bottle covers – sold complete with bottles, they will make perfect presents at any time this winter!


The Cast Iron Lady

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